Academy of Data Science

Our Methodology

Our Approach

We are the only ones that use research-backed principles of learning as the underlying principles of our training programme. Our curriculum and methodology are both innovative and designed to enhance student engagement with learning as well as empower students to learn how to learn on their own, so that they can benefit lifelong from the training programme. Our focus on developing critical thinking skills also distinguishes us from other institutes that offer data specialisations. The ability to think critically is also a lifelong skill that will benefit our students at different stages in their career and at different points of the research process.

Industry Relevant Course Curriculum

We keep on leaning and upgrading our course curriculum as per the business requirements. The curriculum covers all the relevant technologies and tools which are the requirements of today’s world. The students will learn basics of management, followed by analytical techniques and nurture them with applications for data-based decision making.

Exposure to International Clients

The program is designed, delivered and endorsed by leading analytical, technology and consulting organizations. We are providing opportunity to our trainee students to be a part of the projects that we are undertaking for clients from around the world and across different disciplines.

Live Project Experience on verticals

Exposure to such a wide variety of real-world projects and the learner gets an opportunity to have hands on experiential learning on relevant technology tools on datasets of disciplines like Healthcare, Finance, and Retail etc.

Flexible Learning Program:

Get enroll yourself to our customized Classroom & Online training program tailored according to your technical requirements and busy life schedule. In Online session you can interact one-on-one with our Trainer. He will answer your questions, motivates you and guides you to be on a right path.


Because our training and work experience are strongly grounded in research and use the latest data tools, our training programme offers a more relevant experience compared to other training programmes. Our focus on developing our students are potential leaders means that we focus on a variety of skills: data analysis skills, critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills and project management skills. This ensures that our students are ready to take on any challenge because they have developed the requisite and relevant skills for it.