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Full Stack Developer

We are a Training, Research and Development Organisation based in UK.

Full Stack Web Development training Program makes you proficient in skills to work with back-end and front-end web technologies. It includes training on Web Development, HTML5, CSS .Net, JavaScript. Web services, visual studio. Our team of Technical and Professional developers possess substantial expertise on cutting edge technologies. They impart training with different phases which includes many stages, from high level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing.

We Offer Comprehensive set of Skills from initial concept down to the Final Outcome.

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Course Content

Unit 1 : Web Development

This module reviews the basics of HTML and CSS, and introduces the tools that this course uses to create HTML pages and style sheets.
• Overview of HTML
• Overview of CSS
• Creating a Web Application by Using Visual Studio 2017
This module introduces HTML5, describes its new features, demonstrates how to present content by using the new features in HTML5, and how to style this content by using CSS.
• Creating an HTML5 Page
• Styling an HTML5 Page
This module introduces JavaScript programming and DOM.
• Overview of JavaScript
• Introduction to the Document Object Model
In this module, you will learn how to define input forms by using the new input types available in HTML5. You will also see how to validate data by using HTML5 attributes. Finally, you will learn how to perform extended input validation by using JavaScript code, and how to provide feedback to users when their input is not valid or does not match the application’s expectations.
• Creating HTML5 Forms
• Validating User Input by Using HTML5 Attributes
• Validating User Input by Using JavaScript
• From ASP to ASP.NET
• Web Forms
• Web Services
• ASP.NET Features
• Page Class
• Web Forms Life Cycle
• Web Forms Event Model
• Code-Behind
• Request/Response Programming
• HttpRequest Class
• HTTP Collections
• HttpResponse Class
• Redirection
• HttpUtility Class
• Using Visual Web Developer
• Visual Studio Forms Designer
• Using Components
• Shadow Copying
• Using the Global.asax File
• Data Binding
• Session State
• Application State
• Multithreading Issues
• Cookies
• HTML Server Controls
• Web Forms Server Controls
• Rich Controls
• Validation Controls
• User Controls
• What Is Caching
• Page-Level Caching
• Page Fragment Caching
• Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
• Application Caching
• Configuration Overview
• Authentication and Authorization
• Forms Authentication
• Windows Authentication
• Security and ASP.NET
• Debugging
• Application Tracing
• Page Tracing
• Error Handling
• Most recent ASP.NET Controls
• Menus
• Master Pages
• ADO.NET Overview
• .NET Data Providers
• Connections
• Commands
• DataReaders and Connected Access
• Data Sets and Disconnected Access
• Language Integrated Query
• Data Source Controls
• Connection String Storage
• GridView
• DetailsView
• FormView
• Object Data Sources
• ListView
• DataPager
• LinqDataSource
• Configuration Overview
• Themes
• Skins
• Security in ASP.NET
• Membership and Roles
• Login Controls
• User Profiles
• Rich Client Applications
• ScriptManager
• UpdatePanel
• AJAX Client Library
• Remote Method Calls
• AJAX Control Toolkit
• Pipeline Architecture
• Context
• Applications
• Handlers
• Modules


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“Kindly send your queries to info@academyofdatascience.com”

Fee structure for

“Kindly send your queries to info@academyofdatascience.com”

Fee structure for

“Kindly send your queries to info@academyofdatascience.com”



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