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Image Processing with Python

Give your career a boost with our Certification program in Image Processing. Let’s join the course & work with our team to work on the AI based applications like identification of vehicle type, to build Facial Expression Recognition Systems, logo detection technique and other several projects.

Image processing with Python Course Overview

This course is designed to give you a taste of how the underlying techniques work in current State - of -the - Art Computer Vision systems, and walks you through a few of the remarkable Computer Vision applications in a hands - on manner so that you can create such solutions on your own.

Image processing with Python Key Features

Training from Industry experts

Exposure to work on Live Projects

100% Job Assistance

Technology Certification and Recommendation Letter

Mock-Interview and Surprise Assessment Tests

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Online & Classroom


90 Hours




Image processing with Python Syllabus

  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • OpenCV3 - Live Sketches, Identify Shapes
  • Neural Networks Explained
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) Explained
  • Build CNNs in Python using Keras - Handwriting Recognition (MNIST)
  • What CNNs 'see' - Learn to do Filter Visualizations
  • Data Augmentation Build a Classifier
  • Classification Report & Viewing Misclassifications
  • Types of Optimizers,Callbacks Build a Fruit Classifier
  • Build LeNet, AlexNet Build a FashionClothes Classifier
  • ImageNet in Keras (VGG1619, InceptionV3, ResNet50) - Advanced Image Classiers
  • Transfer Learning and Fine Tuning Build a Flower and Monkey Breed Classifier
  • Design CNN - LittleVGG Build a Simpsons Character Classifier
  • Advanced Activation Functions and Initializations
  • Deep Surveillance Build a Facial Emotion, Age & Gender Recognition System
  • Image Segmentation & Medical Imaging in U-Net
  • Principles of Object Detection
  • TensorFlow Object Detection API
  • Object Detection with YOLO & Darkflow
  • Face Recognition with VGGFace
  • The Computer Vision World
  • Build a Credit Card Number Reader And many more Algorithms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students, Professionals, teachers, and anyone can apply for this course. You just need the right skills and the willingness to do so.

No, it is not necessary. Even commerce or arts graduate students can apply for this course.

This course will be the great add on your profile. Who in this world do not like to earn more? It is the typical demand supply relation that states that the demand for image processing engineer is more than their supply. Due to this drift there is good job opportunities for individual within this field and excellent pay scale.

Basic Knowledge of Python is Plus but its not an Requirement

Learn by Completing advanced Computer Vision Projects and Understand How NeuralNetworks ,CNN with easy explanation.