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Certification Program in
Web Designing

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Full Course Syllabus

1. HTML5 Content

  1. Introduction to HTML5,
    Editors, Basic, Elements
  2. Attributes, Headings,
    Paragraphs, Styles
  3. Formatting, Quotations,
    Comments, Colors
  4. HTML5 Links, Images,
  5. Table, Buttons
  6. iframe
  7. Forms
  8. Layout
  9. Style Guide
  10. Entities, Symbols, Emojis
  11. Tags

2.CSS3 Content

  1. Introduction to CSS3
  2. Syntax
  3. External Style Sheet, Internal
    Style Sheet, Inline style Sheet
  4. Text Formatting
  5. How to space between line and
    characters, Border Style, color,
    width and radius
  6. Background Formatting
  7. How to set width and height,
    How to set margin and padding,
    Anchor Properties
  8. How to set Position of elements

3. JavaScript Content

  1. Introduction to
  2. Where to write
  3. Basics of JavaScript
  4. Variables & Operators
  5. Control Statements
  6. Functions
  7. Popup Boxes
  8. Event Handling
  9. How to access HTML
    elements in JavaScript
  10. How to set CSS
  11. Form Validation
  12. Email Validation