Academy of Data Science

Certification Program in Data Visualization
with Tableau

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Full Course Content

1. Introduction to Tableau

  1. Introduction to Tableau
  2. SSBI Tools
  3. Why Power Tableau?
  4. Building Blocks of Tableau
  5. Getting started with Tableau.
  6. Get Tableau Tools
  7. Introduction to Tools and Terminology
  8. Dashboard in Minutes
  9.  Interacting with your Dashboards

2. Tableau Basic

  1. Connecting Tableau to a Data File – CSV File
  2. Navigating Tableau
  3. Creating Calculated Fields
  4. Adding Colors, Adding Labels and Formatting
  5. Exporting Your Worksheet
  6. Get The Viz
  7. Working with Data Extracts in Tableau
  8.  Working with Time Series
  9. Understanding Aggregation, Granularity, and
    Level of Detail
  10. Creating an Area Chart & Learning About
  11. Adding a Filter and Quick Filter
  12. Time series, Aggregation, and Filters

3. Joining and Charts in Tableau

  1. Relationships vs Joins (v. 2020.2 update)
  2.  Joining Data in Tableau
  3. Creating a Map, Working with Hierarchies
  4. Creating a Scatter Plot, Applying Filters to
    Multiple Worksheets
  5. Let’s Create our First Dashboard!
  6. Adding an Interactive Action – Filter &
  7. Understanding how LEFT, RIGHT, INNER, and
    OUTER Joins Work
  8. Joins With Duplicate Values
  9. Joining on Multiple Fields
  10. The Showdown: Joining Data v.s. Blending
    Data in Tableau
  11. Data Blending in Tableau
  12. Dual Axis Chart
  13. Creating Calculated Fields in a Blend
    (Advanced Topic)
  14. The Data Model
  15. Working with Relationships in Tableau

4. Advance Data Transformation

  1. What Format Your Data Should Be In
  2.  Data Interpreter
  3. Pivot
  4. Splitting a Column into Multiple Columns
  5. MetaData Grid
  6. Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Tableau

5. Calculated Table And Advanced Dashboard

  1. Downloading the Dataset and Connecting
    to Tableau
  2. Mapping: how to Set Geographical Roles
  3. Creating Table Calculations for Gender
  4. Creating Bins and Distributions For Age
  5. Leveraging the Power of Parameters
  6. How to Create a Tree Map Chart
  7. Creating a Customer Segmentation
  8. Advanced Dashboard Interactivity
  9. Analyzing the Customer Segmentation

6.Clusters, Custom Territories, Design Features

  1. Custom Territories Via Groups
  2. Custom Territories Via Geographic Roles
  3. Adding a Highlighter
  4. Clustering In Tableau
  5. Cross-Database Joins
  6. Modelling With Clusters
  7. Saving Your Clusters
  8. New Design Features
  9. New Mobile Features