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Bhumi Mehta
Data Insight Of Crime Against Children With Tableau

The aim behind this article is to get a overall view and knowledge about the crimes that are imposed or enacted against children by categorizing the overall crime rate into different categorical areas so as to get concise and precise knowledge.

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Samarth Gour
Accident Type Classification Based On Random Forest Model

The aim of this article is to predict the severity of accident as in three classes as severe , fatal and slight with the help of a Random Forest Classification Algorithm .We will then calculate the accuracy of our ML model on the testing dataset.

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XYZ User
Building a Movie Recommender System in Python

As it is clear by name, Recommender System is a piece of software that recommends us the relevant products or services. Recommender systems are everywhere. There can’t be a day when you don’t come through a recommender system on web.

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ABC User
Animated Visualization Of UK Accidents Data

This article is about preparing the data and visualizing it in animated form so that we can see a clear and appealing picture of the data set. For this article we have taken dummy data for accidents from year 2009 to 2017. Here,we have provided a step-by-step guide from importing the dataset to visualizing it in animated form in Rstudio.

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XYZ User
Umbraco - The Friendliest Community

Main goal with Umbraco is to give you a platform where you have the freedom to do and manage things your way. Every project has different needs and requirements and instead of packing a system with options and buttons that may or may not be relevant for you,it is kept neat and open. Umbraco is a tripod. Or a three-legged stool, if you like. The point is, Umbraco is more than what meets the eye initially. It’s backed by a professional and highly skilled commercial company, an open source community of over 200,000 talented users and a dedicated partner system which all in all, make sure Umbraco stays up-to-date, sturdy and level - for you.

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XYZ User
Visualization On Predictive Data

Power BI is a tool used to build reports, dashboards and visualizations. Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides nontechnical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Microsoft Power BI is used to find insights within an organization's data. Power BI can help connect disparate data sets, transform and clean the data into a data model and create charts or graphs to provide visuals of the data.

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ABC User
Data Visualization Power BI

For organizations developing Power BI reports, there is typically a strong desire to design them in a way that provides the best user experience. This includes not only providing excellent data visualization to meet reporting needs, but also designing reports for optimal performance.

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