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Monika Khilrani
Web Developer

Umbraco is the central hub for the friendly umbraco community. It is the friendliest CMS(content managment system) community on the planet.

Who uses Umbraco?

Over 125,000 sites are running Umbarco, including hotels, magazines, publishers, corporations and enterprise, consumer products, events, law firms, universities and community sites. If you want to create some new content in Umbraco site that's easy, just click create, give it a name, select a type, add content including rich text markup videos and images. Save and publish. It's immediately avaliable on our site.

About Umbraco Community

The umbraco community is very active to drawing in your preferred social network. People are very helpful and there is a lot of social events for Umbraco. The official forum is called "Our Umbraco" and it provides a great place to ask questions, feedback mutation and contribute to the Umbraco community. Umbraco is an open source software built on top of the c-sharp, dotnet framework with mvc. It was developed in 2000 by Niels Harvick. And the most current version of Umbraco was released in 2018 which is the version that we will be working with. Umbraco provides great flexibility in terms of extending functionality in customizing your site to exactly match your requirements. It has great editor functionality for continentals and it is easy to host. In addition to this you can find great trusted Umbraco partners to work with.

Wordpress VS Umbraco

    1.Requires more developer's time customizing software for custom built templates.
    2. Suitable for any site, particularly for those with 50+ pages.
    3. Advisable for public and private sites with mission- critical security requirements.
    4.Can accomodate any template structure based on custom-design themes.
    5. Can be used by larger editorial teams thanks to built-in publishing frameworks.
    6. Requires windows/ MSSQL hosting.

    1. Open source software- large number of free themes, some require purchase at low cost.
    2. Suitable for smaller sites with less than 50 pages, as admin navigation is cumbersome on larger site structures.
    3. Advisable for sites where most content is public and security is not a priority.
    4. Better for basic template structures, based on pre- defined themes.
    5. Advisable for managment by a small teams.
    6. Better for UNIX/MYSQL hosting.

Utilities of Umbraco

This system which is built using C# programming language has almost half a million websites using it on the internet with some big brands like Microsoft and Peugeot using it. Its frontend is built upon Microsoft’s .NET framework, ASP.NET.

For the storage of data, Umbraco provides some databases, which are free to use and host, to choose from.

These relational databases include:

- SQL Server
- SQL Compact Edition.
Pros of using Umbraco
1. Scheduling of content
2. Multiple packages
3. Ease of use
4. Security
5. Good Testing and Maintenance
6. powerful cloud hosting provided by Umbraco
7. SEO Friendly
8. Flexible frontend.

Wordpress and Umbraco hosting

Take you back on a journey in time probably back in 2012 and 2013, wordpress provider, they charge something like 5 bucks or 10 bucks a month and ofcourse for a year 40 bucks a year basically one can host a wordpress website. Then dotnet hosting was about twenty quid a month.

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